Jim on Bass - www.azwebpages.com/bass
Playing bass is more than just a hobby, it's an adventure. Here I share with you advice, experiences, tips, product reviews, and lots of other useful information. Whether you're just starting out or have been playing for many years like myself, you'll be sure to find something you like. You'll even find my personal pictures of a few luminaries like Chuck Rainey, Bobby Vega, and Andy West. Speaking of luminaries, I used to play bass in a band with the inventor of Tone Tuning Technology, which are pickups that provide great tone with very little noise.
E-Forms EZ Software - www.azwebpages.com/e-forms
Need to process the results of a web form and send more than just a simple e-mail? Tired of complicated CGI and PHP scripts that only do 1/2 of what you need? You need E-Forms EZ. This server-based software makes it easy. You can save the results in a file formatted for easy import into spreadsheets and databases for later analysis. You can send up to two e-mails from one form submission (what other software does that?). Download the free demo and try it yourself.
A Funny Travel Diary - www.azwebpages.com/carrtrek
Back in 1997 we (me and the lovely Marci Guertin - the former Mrs. Carr née Marci Anderson who taught at Dasher Green Elementary School) took a six-month road trip across the country. We kept our friends and family updated by sharing our amusing observations and anecdotes on the web. It's a day by day account called The Adventures of Jim and Marci. We couldn't post it every day because back then some campground operators looked at us kinda strange when we explained we wanted to use their phone to update one of them newfangled websites. Sometimes they would really irritate us, so I'd knife 'em and Marci would roll 'em for change.
Peary Class of 1984 Peary H.S. Class of 1984 - www.azwebpages.com/phs1984
Welcome, graduates of Robert E. Peary High School, Class of 1984! This is your official website for getting in touch with your former classmates. The main website for the school is www.PearyHS.org. I maintain this page separately as a backup and to provide a special place for the special class to hang out. It was tough being the last class to graduate before they closed the school for good, but it was also a lot of fun.
Jim Carr, Zane Carr and Tibor Carr The Carr Family - Zane and Tibor
I've got a lovely wife, Anita, and two wonderful kids, Zane and Tibor. We live in Phoenix, Arizona. My family lives in Maryland while Anita's family resides in Hungary. We've got a couple of websites we use to keep everyone up to date, mostly with pictures. One of my hobbies is photography, so I'd like to think these shots are little bit better than those you usually see. And if you're into Baby Sign Language, we've got a great video of Zane showing off his signing skills long before he was talking. Trust me, it's cute.