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Getting Personal With Jim Carr

Jim Carr All About Jim - Wanna know who's writing all these articles? Of course you do. Read more about me, Jim Carr.

My Gear - I usually play a Spector Euro 4LX through an Ashdown preamp into a Gallien-Krueger 800RB and finally into one or two Hartke XL cabinets. Impressed? Hah! Anybody with a credit card can buy this stuff. Read more about my gear.

Chuck Rainey, Bobby Vega, Carol Chaiken Musings on My Week at School of Bass - In October of 2006 I attended the School of Bass in Scottsdale, AZ. Instructors and presenters at this four-day event included Chuck Rainey of Steely Dan fame (pictured right), Bobby Vega of Sly & The Family Stone and Tower Of Power (pictured right), and Mel Brown (LA Studio pro). Lynne Davis, Ray Riendeau, and Ed Friedland rounded out the field. I wrote down my thoughts and impressions each night. Read more about School of Bass.

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