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Audience - School of Bass We were in a very intimate setting in the hotel, as you can see from this picture of the audience.
Ed Friedland and his upgright bass Ed Friedland on his upright.
Ed Friedland and Mel Brown Ed Friedland on his piccolo bass with Mel Brown laying down the groove.
Lynne Davis and Carol Chaiken Carol Chaiken on sax and Lynne Davis on bass.
Lynne Davis and her Fender bass Lynne Davis playing some R&B.
Mel Brown Mel Brown getting down!
Bobby Vega Bobby Vega really getting into it
Andy West Andy West looking as cool as ever.
Bobby Vega and Andy West Bobby Vega and Andy West jamming together
Chuck Rainey Chuck Rainey singing and playing. 
Chuck Rainey, Bobby Vega, Carol Chaiken Chuck Rainey, Bobby Vega, and Carol Chaiken
Ray Riendeau Ray Riendeau slapping like there's no tomorrow.

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