E-Forms EZ

Are you baffled by complicated CGI and ASP scripts?

Do you need more flexibility with web forms processing?

Do you need a program that's easy to use?

Congratulations! You've come to the right place!

E-Forms EZ is a an easy to use yet powerful software engine for web forms processing. Find out how easy it is to process web forms to send e-mail, accept file uploads, send file attachments, save results to a file that is easily importable into Excel and Access, and even use CC and BCC fields!. All you need is a Windows based web server that permits you to execute scripts (Linux is not supported at this time). This lightning fast software has all the features you could ever need! 

Cut the sales pitch. I want to download the demo version now!

Features Include

bulletMultiple recipients including CC and BCC.
bulletDynamic recipient - User can choose to whom the mail is sent by making a selection on your web form.
bulletAccept file uploads from users as file attachments.
bulletAttach files to e-mail for distributing files such as demos.
bulletSend two different e-mails from one web form submission  - Great for sending a "thanks for submitting" e-mails back to the user..
bulletFully customizable messages including HTML format e-mail! No more plain text messages that simply list the values from the form. Use HTML to format the message the way you want to see it!
bulletFully customizable page displayed after message is sent using any of the values from the web form.
bulletRedirect users to existing web pages after processing web form.
bulletProcess web form results to separate files or all in one file.
bulletAutomatically generate unique reference numbers (great for tech support inquiries).
bulletWeb forms processing includes support for required fields - no scripting required.
bulletUse server variables to customize your messages.
bulletEasy to use Wizard helps you set your web forms quickly.
bulletAnd even more!!

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