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5-4-2008 - Okay, so I lied. Those weren't the last pictures, but it did take a long time to add the Winter 2007, Zane Turns Two and Spring 2008 updates. He's quite the kid now. I hope to have him mowing the lawn this summer. 

11-3-2007 - Berni's back in Hungary, and Daddy's watching Zane during the day and working during naps and evenings. Anita's about ready to bring little Tibor into the world in a few weeks. These will be the last pictures ever of Zane because we will love the new baby more than him.

7-4-2007 - Finally, more updates! Here's a video of Zane doing baby sign language. There are now pictures from Christmas and his first birthday. Sari went back to Hungary, but Berni is helping us now.  

12-15-2006 - He's crawling like crazy. His helmet comes off next week. And he knows that "casca" means duck and "holvan Mommy?" means "where's Mommy?" Here are some new pics.

9-26-2006 - He's pushing 18lbs (8.1kg) and well over 27 inches (28cm). We've added pictures from his quick visits to Maryland and Hungary.

7-1-2006 - He's now 15lbs, 4oz (6.93kg) and 26.25 inches (66.6cm) long. Check out the Four Months page for more pics.

6-2-2006 - More pictures at three months!

4-22-2006 - He's now at 12lbs, 10oz (5.72kg)  and 24 inches (61cm) long. Check out the Two Month page for more pictures.

3-30-2006 - Zane and family are doing well. See the One Month page for some more pictures taken over the last few weeks.

3-7-2006 - Zane went for his two-week check-up today. 10 days ago he weighed 6lbs, 5oz (2.85kg). Today he weighed in at 7lbs, 14oz (3.57kg). He's now 20.75 inches (52.7cm). The little bugger is bulking up quite nicely! There are some new pics on the Two Weeks page. 

2-23-2006 - Very soon this page will be the only hit in Google for the phrase "Zane Vitez Carr" - no small feat in this digital age. Use the hyperlinks on the left side of this page to navigate the site.

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